Friday, January 20, 2006

wisdom tooth, illicit relationships, tips at work.

my wisdom tooth is growing perpendicular to the rest of my teeth, starting from behind my mouth and growing right through my upper jaw and coming out in front. Bizarre!!!Have to get it extracted. What a way to loose my wisdom. I hope something else would show me the light and wisdom. May be my receding hairline.

How does it feel to be a mistress? Physically satisfyng someone who cares for you not beyond the edges of your bed. Even not after reaching an orgasm. Some people thrive in such situations. They love the physical attention, almost like thats the only they know. While others are too proud to play second fiddle. How is it to be a mistress?

Sunday, January 08, 2006


I have met many girls and guys who change boy friends like clothes so often. But have often wonderd what are the emotions they are going through. What is it that drives them through relatonships. What do they feel.... The yseem to be so dedicated to every relationship they are in, yet the transition form one to another when the former doesnt for some reason work out is remarkably smooth. Do you get into another relationship, to fill the void from the former , by doing the same things you did before or you start completly afresh? I don't think i will ever understand it, cause i have never been in a relationship, Maybe i should fall in love. The problem is the one i fall in love with always hapens to be straight!!!! well...well...