Friday, November 25, 2005

orange party

I walked in and it was dingy.. It was a birthday party... An orange bean bag, an orange bottle cap, an orange cushion, an orange paper peeping out of a glass cupboard, an orange fritter, an orange bottle cap and my orange belt. Intoxicated highs.... Drunken conversations.... Philosophy or so i presume.. Wine highs... Vodka highs... Rum highs.. and sexual highs... high too high spilling over all out into the wash basin.. sunglasses in a dark room.. darkness is all she wanted to go back to.... Darkness is all she saw... Pissed minds and insulting conversations.... the fighters fighting it and the others passing out... Give me the definition of fun..

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

dreams come true

ever wondered about getting the things that you wanted by you not putting any efforts to get it. looking back i alway think of the things that i achieved or got, which i had previously wanted. it makes mefeel iambeing watched. someones reading my thoughts. had gone to the IKEA store today to get something for the restaurant , along with a friend who bought stuff for herself, and i found myself as usual wishing to buy so many new things. guess whathappened. at the exit there was a guy from the local radio station doing a live on air show . he asked me a question and though i couldn't answer gave me a gift voucher for 100 and i went back and bought the things i wanted , for free. its happened to me a lot of times.
Do i feel grateful or obliged???
can i wish or dream for more???
will my dreams come true???

Saturday, November 12, 2005


hope despair strength fortune struggle confidence creativity loneliness relationship pride honesty travel love friendship lifestyle independance

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Happy Birthday!!!!

Hey its my birthday today. Do you need to feel special or what. Was still at work when the clock struck 12. Everyone was running around in the restaurant. We were busy as usual. Led me to think, whats so special. Was born 25 years back on this day. SO... Am i to feel special on this day? Has started off as just another day. Hope there's more in store in life for me. I hope i can live up to my own expectations of me.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

sell your confidence

We had a staff briefing today,as we have everyday before the restaurant opens. While we were being told by our manager about being organised while serving guests, she mentioned about some of the pointers that i had made after i joined back work. I had told her that some staff jsut get confused and start to run around in circles. Then she said we must show our guests that we are organised and confident."Sell Confidence", she said. At that moment i that it was so profound. What a wonderful thing to say. Never thought of it. "Sell Confidence"...........