Monday, October 16, 2006

He, of my dreams.

Supressing my feelings,
I welcome him,
To feel "He is mine",
Is like a bitter dream,
A dream after coming out of which,
You realise, that it is not true.
How many things in life are not true.
The Hope and Aspirations,
Can they be dreamt and yet be true.
He is mine yet he is not.

Outside i see the sun set,
Yet again, the flaming ball of fire,
bids farewell,
Taking with it all my dreams,
But it will rise again, I know,
The Sun rises tomorrow.
As Sri writes,
With a new day, of a new week,
I still have those dreams,
Maybe not of him.
Cause his is a dream,
That will always remain a dream.
But I still wait, when the sun would leave my dreams
with the stars of the night sky,
and i will have them forever to live and dream.


Anonymous said...

you are linked in my blog

Sri said...

How u had a great birthday da
Missed beinf there with u