Thursday, May 24, 2007

Falling in love!!!

After spending numerous, well quite a few years trying to understand the whole concept of falling in love and after stumbling on it a couple of times and after counselling!!!! a few wannabe couples and a few 'already couples had a fight' and few 'cheating on each other couples' and few 'broken up couples', i should be christened 'relationships counsellor', or 'love sticher' or something.

Anyways, i have come up with these 2 theories , that are conflicting and am trying to figure out which is right.

One is that if you like somebody and decide to fall in love, then go out of your way to make your feelings known and then try your best to woe him. But in this scenario, there is a possibility that the other guy does not like you. In which case your effort goes in the dump.

On the other hand, you could wait until somebody falls in love with you and then evaluate him to decide if you like her. In such a case, you might have somebody you don't like fall in love with you, or there might be someone who likes you but thinks that you don't like him, so is waiting for you to make the first move.

I guess both of them oil down to one point.

Just Keep trying!!!!

Still doesn't answer my question!!!! Should i fall in love or wait for my prince charming?????

Answer!Answer! where art thou?

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Errant Queer said...

oh.. about the prince charming..

should you wait for him or name the one that you fall for as prince charming..