Wednesday, August 12, 2009


I haven't written since I last wrote, cause there has been so much going on in my mind, that I found it so hard to put it down. I wish we had some kind of contraption that read things from our mind and saved it, as or thoughts raced and flashed across in the deep recesses of our unconquered brain.
Since then its has been a whirl wind. I suddenly feel I have no control over my life anymore. I always said, that we are so conditioned to anticipate that which is safe and predictable. Why is it that only a few of us are brave enough to think otherwise.
When life gives you things that you never expected, you kind of feel humbled and surprised. I am wondering if i should figure out why this happens, or just let it be. This also is a result of us conditioned to find reason and logic in everything that we live by or experience. Its odd.
But I am left at crossroads.
Right from my sudden decision to move, to the loan being accepted to my flying out here. To the people I have met and the experiences i have had. It has left me dizzy. I feel like time out. But I am already in the eye of the storm and can't get out. But then again, why not stay and fight it out.

Well there are so many things i want to say. I guess i'll write from time to time. It feels like Ganga falling from heaven and shiva having to curtail her fury by catching her flow in his glorious mane!!!

Mine flows from my heart. And the pot is full to the brim as it spilleth over!!!!!1

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