Sunday, August 16, 2009

Vanity Closet!!!

What is it with gay men and trying so hard to look good. S ones commented, 'U r lucky, gay men r always good looking'.
From the outside, for a spectator, this all seems hoity toity. A world enclosed in a glass coach, on its way to the Prince Charming's ball. The problem is, not everyone can fit into it.
It is not easy to change the appearance with which we are born with. Of course with todays advancement, it definitely is, but not man can afford it or go that far. Which mean we try our best to do with what we have.
Having said that, the whole gay community is informally split into two. The haves and the have nots. No its not the money. Its pure physical beauty. Most try and go any lengths to be included with the 'haves'.
I don't know if I am getting this right. I am quite unsettled with this whole preoccupation with beauty and brawn. More after coming here. The focus is not on health, but on who is the next person to eye your handsome figure ( translates: Will I sleep with him)
Somehow looking good and built up and handsome and fitting into our already preprogrammed and preconceived notion of ideal beauty, seems to be like your passport to life.
I wonder about people who are not fotunate enough to be abe to look good. What about them.
I think my question should be, what is it that attracts people to each other.

Somehow also it seems so unfair that all the handsome adonis' enjoy very active sexual lifestyles, get to date the best of guys, have a good looking set of friends and in general a beautiful life. While the others just watch and sigh 'I wish'.

Maybe one should question oneself, what makes one happy...

This is a very hard supposition. I see a very deep imbalance. Looking good is fine, but for whom are you preparing yourself.

Maybe its the issue of a drive. What drives you. Sex, beauty, wealth, achievement, personality, love or satisfaction?

Or I think i should not compare my life with anybosy elses.

My thoughts are all mixed up. But I'll get it through, I know.

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