Thursday, August 20, 2009

Tangential Universes!!!!!!!

Late last night as i watched the tweeked, excited and bobbing heads at M, fake thrills and tight jeans reigned supreme......

It made me feel, that we all exist in parallel universes. Each of us in our own. Everybody is oblivious of what exists outside of their universe. I see J, BB, GT, BT all in their own. For J of course its all about him getting noticed. As for HB too its about the alcohol and the nonsensical chatter. The thai group are in their own. Hoping for attention. Totally ignored.

And as for me, I guess I am ova the hill...Or so I presume.

Do our universes exist in tangent to others. Considering the fact that each of us have the power conentrate and contract the entire universe into us!!! Which obviously is not a very profitable proposition in todays world, We definately are powerful. But does this have to exist so isolated? Can't we in a way co exist?

Or shud i ask, What difference does it make to be in a parallel universe or a tangential universe, or another universe at all. The thought is our universe. Its the mind. The soul of a being that our life lives.

I guess maybe its not that complicated at all. I don't see another way without everyone being aware of al being. Perhaps others defy my thought!!!!

What is such an oblivious existence???

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